Ideas for Decorating Your Privacy Wall

As our population grows denser nothing stands out more in the modern world than the creeping lack of privacy that comes along with this explosion. Sure, we are all social beings but there are times when we must all escape and make an oasis of our personal spaces. To do this, many of us erect fences and then find those fences totally lacking in their ability to hold back the outside world. For this purpose, many of our customers buy our privacy walls in addition to our custom awning covers in Sacramento. However, we can often ignore the aesthetic quality of this essential patio addition. So that you can make sure your privacy wall is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, here are some of our suggestions. custom awning covers

  • Create a vertical garden: Indoor verticals gardens are all the rage but don’t forget that they can be useful outdoor as well. Hang potted plants along your privacy wall to beautify your garden further while remaining secluded from the rest of the world.
  • Attach shelves: Attach shelves to your privacy wall as a temporary holding place for your garden tools. This way you will be increasing the functionality of your fence.
  • Affix to it artwork: Why not bring affixed colorful artwork to your privacy wall? You can use drawings or washable chalk to create all kinds of outdoor themes.
  • Attach a blackboard: If you have small children consider attaching a blackboard to your privacy wall and encouraging them to create their own artwork there.
  • Signage: Post to your wall a message that is unique and has attached to it a special meaning. Use whimsical fonts to brighten up this space.
  • Affix to it white curtains: Give your wall an elegant, flowing look by attaching to it lace curtains.
  • Attach it to other structure around your patio: Attach your privacy screen to existing fences, pergolas, or other structured in order to extend your privacy.

In short, privacy fences don’t have to be drab. They can be as decorative and fashionable as they are practical. After all, they are still a part of our businesses and homes. Our Durawood patio cover in Sacramento is also practical and functional in that it provides both shade and protection from the elements.


Tips for Choosing the Right Awning or Patio Cover

Awnings and patio covers provide shade, outdoor entertaining and dining spaces. They can even reduce energy bills by cooling off your indoor living spaces. For these reasons, many people find it difficult to decide which patio cover or awning to select. So that you end up choosing an awning or patio cover that you will be proud of, we recommend that you make the following considerations before making a final decision:

  • Material: Here you will want to consider factors like look, level of customization and durability. Among durable kinds of material to use for awnings is aluminum which is also easy to maintain. Our solid aluminum patio covers in Sacramento can last for many years with the proper care and maintenance. This is also true of our lattice pergolas. Fabric awnings require a bit more maintenance than do aluminum
  • Angle: This characteristic is often overlooked by people who are shopping for an awning. However angle does affect overall performance of an awnin002g. For example, it is recommended that east and west facing windows have awnings that have a 65% -75% drop. For south-facing windows, the drop should be around 45% – 60% or less due to the angle of the sun.
  • Color: Light colored awnings are more energy efficient than darker colored ones. This is because, as we all know, light colors reflect or redirect heat and darker colors absorb it.
  • Pattern: Which pattern you chose depends on the size or the structure you are attaching your awning to.
  • Style: Style is a completely personal choice. We have a wide variety of styles that vary from the simple to the ornate. Our cut styles include Scallop, Corbel, Miter and Bevel.
  • Size: Naturally, the size of the awning will depend upon how much space you have available and the size of the structure you will attach it to. In general, small awnings look excellent as purely decorative pieces while larger awnings provide greater coverage for outdoor spaces.


In short, choose the awning or patio cover that you will buy by making the above considerations. This will guarantee that you will have an awning or patio cover that you will be proud to own for years to come and that will be just right for you.

Why Aluminum?

Aluminum Patio Awnings are the perfect fit for the weather year-round in Sacramento! Sacramento has fairly tame winters in comparison to the rest of the country. In fact, the average winter temperature in Sacramento is 50 degrees! However, you still want to be prepared on how to care for your outdoor structures during this unpredictable time of year. Outdoor living is a way of life for most of California and our solid aluminum patio covers in Sacramento are the perfect way to make the most of your outdoor space. With winter upon us we have a few reminders as to why aluminum is the perfect investment for your patio covers.


Little Maintenance: Most awnings in Sacramento require maintenance of some kind, whether it is maintaining fabric, cleaning the structure, replacing parts, etc. However, aluminum patio awnings require little to no maintenance! Spend more time enjoying your patio cover than maintaining it!


Customization is still available: We offer 3 different styles of aluminum patio awnings to fit a variety of our customers’ needs. Just let us know what your end goals are and we can helsolid aluminum patio covers in Sacramentop you find the right fit! We also have different cuts and colors available to choose from as well.


Longevity: Real wood has limitations withstanding the elements particularly in winter. It can crack, peel, warp, etc. if not regularly maintained. Aluminum can withstand the elements indefinitely and will never attract termites! Talk about a great investment.


If you’re looking to make the most of your outdoor space this winter our Duralum patio covers are the best way to do it! Cover with twinkling lights and garland your yard will be the hit of the holiday season – we guarantee it!

Safety Tips for Using Power Washers

Pressure washers can be the perfect tool for cleaning things, such as aluminum awnings, that are not too delicate and that are otherwise difficult to clean in conventional ways. Many people use them to clean driveways, the outside of their home, their boats, cars, etc. Others use them to clean their awnings and pergolas. Here are some tips to safely and effectively use a pressure or power washer to clean your aluminum awning.

  • Presoak the surface first: Using a detergent, degreaser, or chemical presoak, wet the surface of the awning or other object first. By presoaking the surface first you will save time and cost.
  • Choose the proper nozzle type: The two factors to be considered when choosing the correct nozzle are the nozzle orifice size and the spray angle. Larger nozzle sizes will decrease your PSI (pounds per square inch). The flow however, will remain the same. Choices for spray angles range from zero to 65-degrees. Twenty-five degree angles fit the natural wash pattern in most situations.
  • Only use chemicals approved for power washer use: Unapproved detergents may not only harm the environment, they may also damage the components of your pressure washer as well as the object to be washed.
  • Carefully plan what you are about to clean: Is what you are about to clean too fragile for power washer use? Objects like windows, vents, light fixtures, etc. may be too delicate to be cleaned by a power washer.
  • Read the entire pressure washer user manual: The safety manual for your pressure washer will contain information that is designed to keep you safe and
  • blatticehelp you do the best job. Read it!
  • Avoid ladders and working high off the ground: The kickback produced by a pressure washer can be dangerous and cause you to fall backwards.
  • Wear personal protective equipment: Wear gloves, goggles, boots, etc. in order to minimize the risk of injury.
  • Be aware of your surroundings: When power washing your awning or any other structure, take a few minutes to scan your environment. Are children, pets, passing cars, slippery surfaces, electrical wires and power lines nearby? Be careful and know what risks may await you.

In short, if you choose to use a pressure washer to clean your awning, be sure to take the necessary precautions. Our Durawood construction material is one of the finest examples of weatherwood on the market. It can withstand rain, wind and sun and is attractive as well as practical. We offer lattice pergolas that are ornate and can easily be cleaned using a number of methods.

10 Ways to Stormproof your Yard

Storms and the damage that they can do have been uppermost in the minds of most people around the country lately. Obviously this is because of the storms Harvey and Irma which followed quickly one after the other and caused catastrophic damage in some cases to parts of Texas, the Caribbean, Florida and the Keys. However, hurricanes and storms do not have to be as severe as these were in order to cause damage to your

 property. Particularly vulnerable are our patios and yards. West Coast Awnings would like to offer you some tips on how to prepare your aluminum patio covers in Sacramento for the rainy months fast approaching.  

  • Clean up all loose branches and debris: These could later become projectiles during aluminum patio covers in Sacramentohigh winds.
  • Make sure the gutter on your house and patio cover are cleaned out: The leaves that get trapped in the gutters after Fall create a huge problem and hinder proper draining of water.  Therefore, make sure the gutters are clean of any leaves, branches or debris and that will save you from unwanted leaks.
  • Pay attention to weather bulletins: The more time you have to prepare for a weather a event the better off you will be.  
  • Have trees tree limbs that are close to power lines cut down: Call the power company to do this as doing so yourself could lead to electrocution.
  • Shelter Your Waste Containers: Waste from an unsecured container could end up in the sewer system in the event of a storm or hurricane. At the first sign of a severe storm or hurricane, bring them inside or secure them with duct tape.  
  • Be sure to bring in lawn chairs, coolers, kids toys, gardening tools, etc.: These items can also service as projectiles in the event of a hurricane.
  • Examine the drainage system near your yard: Examine the drainage holes on your garden wall for twigs, leaves and other debris.
  • Use heavier mulch: Flooding will spread light mulch chips all over the place. Use heavier, man-made mulches for better protection against flooding.
  • Build soakaways: For areas in your yard that are susceptible to waterlogging a soakaway helps to channel the flow of excess water. Make a soakaway pit and fortify it with rubble or gravel. This will prevent soil erosion and protect your garden and your home.
  • Plant a rain garden:  A rain garden is a depression that allows rainwater runoff from roofs, driveways, walkways, parking lots, etc. They are also very good at preventing pollution from reaching creeks, streams and storm water systems.

In summary, although some damage is bound to happen during extreme weather events like the hurricanes in Texas and Florida, it is wise to be always prepared. Custom Awning covers Sacramento are a great way to be prepared for the weather ahead of us in the coming winter months.

Aluminum Cleaning Made Easy: 5 DIY Aluminum Cleaning Recipes for your Awning


Has your aluminum awning lost its shine? Are you anxious to restore it to its former brilliance? Well, if you are tired of tolerating a tarnished awning that only takes away from the beauty of your home, we have good news. You can restore aluminum that has lost its glow using a number of DIY cleaning solutions. They are all easy to prepare and relatively inexpensive. Here are just a few:


  • Vinegar or cream of tartar and water: Use this mixture in order to restore discolored aluminum. Add a tablespoon of vinegar to every quart of water used. (You can increase the concentration of cream of tartar or vinegar depending on how discolored the aluminum is.)
  • Several slices of lemon, water, and vinegar: The advantage to this recipe is that all of these items are readily available in most households. Mix 4 cups of water and 1 cup of vinegar in a container or spray bottle. Rub the lemon on the surface of the aluminum and then use the solution for a rinse.
  • Mild dish liquid and water: For oil that has built up on aluminum, a degreaser is necessary. Mix the two together in order to remove mild stains.
  • Soap flakes, vinegar, baking soda and cream of tartar: Mix ¼ cup of flakes, ½ cup of vinegar, ½ cup of baking soda, ½ cup cream of tartar. Blend the solution into a paste. Apply this paste to the surface of the aluminum item with steel wool. Then rinse.
  • Laundry detergent and bleach: You will need this stronger solution if there is mildew or mold present.


Things to Remember when Cleaning Aluminum


It is important to also employ the right techniques when cleaning aluminum to optimize each cleaning. First, remember to clear the area of all things that may be damaged by whatever solution you use. With the exception of bleach, the above solutions are relatively mild, but take all necessary precautions. Next, clean from the top to the bottom to avoid cleaning the same spot over and over again. Finally, ask for help if needed.


In conclusion, the most important thing to remember is that although our aluminum patio awnings in Sacramento are very versatile and durable, they are not invulnerable. Clean your aluminum awnings regularly with one of the DIY solutions listed above or with store bought cleaner to prevent the buildup of tarnish, dirt, grime etc. These techniques also work on our aluminum trellis in Sacramento.

7 Common Myths about Aluminum Patio Covers

One of the greatest challenges we at WC Awnings in Sacramento face as a seller of high quality aluminum patio covers is dispelling the many myths that people hold about our product and about metal patio covers in general. Moreover, some people do not even know that aluminum patio covers are a viable alternative to wooden patio covers. We would like to take some time to push back against some common myths that surround our product so that consumers can make an informed choice when choosing to accessorize their patio.

  • Myth 1: Aluminum Patio Covers Are Unsightly: Many sites that promote their wooden patio covers advance this inaccurate notion about aluminum patio covers. With the styles, designs and colors that are available from WC Awnings, it is simply not true that aluminum patio covers are unsightly. We have a selection of patio cover types that range from Beachwood to Sienna, to Sandalwood and others. We can make your solid aluminum patio cover in Sacramento as attractive as any wood cover.
  • Myth 2: Aluminum Patio Covers Require Intense Maintenance. In fact, aluminum is a highly durable metal that is easy to maintain. Moreover, unlike wood it does not need to be sealed, stained etc.
  • Myth 3: Aluminum Patio Covers Increase the Likelihood of Lighting Strikes: In fact, it is rare that lightning strikes buildings directly. Moreover, metal conducts electricity. It is not an attractant.
  • Myth 4: Aluminum Patio Covers Rust Easily: Aluminum covers are resistant to corrosion and rust. Moreover, paint is added to our covers too as an added protection against rust.
  • Myth 5: Aluminum Patio Covers are Loud: Aluminum covers are quieter than you might think.
  • Myth 6: Aluminum Patio Covers are Easily Dented by Hail: Our aluminum covers are indeed capable of withstanding winds, snow, hail and other environmental conditions. They are stronger than wood patio covers in this regard.
  • Myth 7: Aluminum Patio Covers are simply too expensive: When factoring in the cost of an aluminum patio cover how long they will last, they can be surprisingly affordable. A well-made patio cover can last for many years saving you the cost of replacing it over and over again.

In short, aluminum patio covers are a practical alternative to wood patio covers. At WC Awnings we can accessorize your patio with an attractive and durable awning that will last many years. So, the next time you hear one of these myths about our product, you’ll be able to distinguish fact from fiction.