5 Ways to Protect Your Outdoor Furniture from Pets and Other Animals

Pets and other animals can wreak absolute havoc on outdoor furniture. Their teeth never seem to stop growing and they have no compunctions against making your chair, chaise, etc., a giant chew toy. However, instead of pulling your hair out over these behaviors, try some of these ways to humanely discourage pets and animals from ruining an otherwise idyllic outdoor setting.

  • Choose the right materials: Outdoor dining tables, chairs and benches made of aluminum are basically chew proof. Our aluminum awnings in Sacramento are sturdy and can withstand assault by the elements and animals. Moreover, our custom patio awnings in Sacramento come in a variety of sizes and styles. What’s more, aluminum won’t rust, lasts for years and comes in a number of decorative styles. Next, aluminum is relatively easy to clean. Finally, if pets and other animals do chew on your aluminum furniture, spray it with silicone or wax to protect from little teeth and claws.
  • Make a clean sweep: If you give your pet the run of your patio, be sure to clean up after it on a regular basis. Simply by switching out cushions, for example, you can prevent him/her from making it their favorite spot.
  • Set up a place for your pet: Again, if you do give your pets free reign of the patio, consider creating a cozy little spot just for it. Place a pet bed outside so that your pet will know this is its own little area. For cats, place a cat scratching post on the deck.
  • Use scent deterrents: For wild animals such as squirrels, consider placing strong-smelling items near cushions etc. Items you can use include vinegar, ammonia, lavender, mothballs or oil of mustard. Squirrels dislike strong smells, which can deter them from entering the area.pets on furniture
  • Trim nearby trees: Squirrels like to use trees as highways onto private property. Often, they will jump from a tree near a residence onto outdoor furnishings. From there the rest is not hard to figure out. Try trimming nearby trees to prevent squirrels from leaping onto your furniture.

Finally, if wild animals are chewing your outdoor furnishings you may have to hire an animal removal service. If your cat or dog is chewing your furniture you may wish to consider additional training as a way to stop him/her from ruining your furnishings.


5 Ideas for Designing the Perfect Outdoor Dining Space

Whether one chooses to do so at home or out on the town, alfresco dining is a wonderful way to enjoy meals and pleasant conversation under the stars or in the warmth of a lazy afternoon or morning. Moreover, one of our custom awning covers in Sacramento can add to the ambiance of such a scene while giving you the needed protection from the elements. Here are some ideas for helping you to create the perfect outdoor dining space.

  • Light her up: You’ll probably want to dine or hold gatherings that extend into the night. If this is the case, you will need adequate lighting to create a mood and in order to see what you are doing. Try stringing electric lights in trees and on other objects around your planned dining area. Caution: Be sure to use plenty of Citronella candles to cut down on biting insects. Finally, be sure to avoid creating a fire hazard with too many or improperly situated lights or candles.
  • Pergola garden: Create a dining area among fresh seasonal flowers, permanent trees and shrubs and edibles. A pergola will allow plenty of the sun’s light in so that your plants can thrive. Meanwhile, you will be able to dine in old warm charm.
  • Experiment with difference styles: What is your style choice for a dining area? Southwestern themed? Polynesian? Oriental? American Southern? Be creative with the space underneath your aluminum patio awnings in Sacramento by experimenting with styles and accessories. For example, with an oriental themed dining space you could hang sky lanterns (also known as Kongming lanterns).
  • Position your dining space near the kitchen: Either create a cooking area under your awning with a barbecue grill or locate your dining area near the kitchen. This will make it easier to transport dishes and food in and out of the house.outdoor dining

·         Create an outdoor bar: Instead of an entire dining area, consider placing an outdoor bar underneath your awning. The great thing about this idea is that a bar can be a very simple thing to create. All you really need are two square cabinets on casters so that the bar can be easily moved around. After that, you are ready to entertain.

Yes, creating an outdoor dining area is easy. Moreover, it can be used nearly all year round. Your dining area will be the talk of the neighborhood as others seek to create a similar experience on their own patio.

5 Shade-Loving Plants That will Thrive Under your Awning

Most of us associate beautiful, blossoming plants with the bright, sunny parts of our lawn or patio. We mistakenly believe that in the shadier parts of the outdoors, we must forgo the beauty that these plants bring to our lives. Well, that’s simply not correct. The shaded area underneath your awning does not have to be barren. There are certain shade-loving plants that will flourish there and that hold as much beauty and splendor as the plant varieties that thirst for the sun’s direct rays. If want to add a little visual excitement to the space beneath your awning, we encourage you to give a couple of these plants a try.

  • Oak leaf Hydrangeas: These cone-shaped plants have lovely white blooms that turn to a pinkish hue in the fall. They come in a variety of sizes and can grow – in dense clusters – from a few feet tall to 7 or 8 feet tall. The best thing is that they are relatively sturdy and can tolerate moderate sunshine.
  • Begonias: This potted plant – which also thrives in the landscape – is relatively low-maintenance and comes in a variety of shades including rose, white, salmon, etc.
  • Impatiens: These pink blossomed flowers usually thrive better in pots than in the landscape. They are unusual in that not only can they bloom fully in the shade but they can also be slowly acclimated to thrive in strong sunlight.
  • Dead Nettles: The only drawback to these colorful perennials is that their roots tend to run wild and tangled throughout the soil. Thus, if you don’t want a plant that some consider mere groundcover, you may wish to choose another plant on our list.
  • Pulmonaria (Lungwort aka Mary’s tears or Our Lady’s milk drops): This lovely flower has beautiful silvery foliage with just a splash of pink or blue when they blossom. If you do choose to grow this plant, be sure to do so only in shady areas of your lawn or patio as they quickly wilt in direct sunlight.awning

Ferns, Spirea (Meadowsweets) and Torenia (Wishbone flower) are just a few other plants that are not only shade-tolerant, but they actually thrive in the darker regions of your lawn. Have some of these under your patio covers in Roseville and every part of your patio will thrive and be beautiful. Flowers are a lovely way to adorn our custom patio awnings in Sacramento.

5 Tips for Protecting Outdoor Furniture

As we approach fall, we are quickly coming up on that time of year when the weather does not quite know what it wants to do from day to day. Even here in our lovely city, we are liable to have idyllic days of warmth and days when the rain pours down from the sky. These sudden changes in the weather and the heat and sun’s rays themselves can wreak havoc on outdoor furniture even for people who own patio covers in Roseville. However, with a few simple steps, you can keep your outdoor furniture looking fresh and new for years.

·         Pergolas, Solid Patio Covers: As we’ve said, patio covers offer a degree of protection for your outdoor guests, family and patio furniture. They are also attractive, increase the value of your home and are generally easy to maintain. This is especially true of our Durawood patio cover in Sacramento and our aluminum patio covers. Pergolas are excellent for providing shade for the walkway, passageway, or sitting area of your patio.

·         Regularly clean your furniture: Even in the nicest weather your furniture can pick up dirt, stains and moisture from the elements. Therefore, it is always a good idea to clean your patio furniture on a regular basis in order to head of bigger problems down the road. Just be sure to use the appropriate cleaning methods for each type of furniture, e.g., wood, plastic, aluminum, etc.

·         Use patio furniture covers: Rain and snow are not the only forces that can damage your furniture. The sun’s rays can also cause furniture to fade. It is therefore a good idea to get UV-resistant covers for your furniture. solid patio cover

·         Use water sealers, paint and varnish on wood furniture: Wood furnishings can be particularly vulnerable to the sun’s rays. However, all is not lost if you have wood patio furniture. Water sealers, paint and varnish can go a long way towards protecting your furnishings from the elements. You can even purchase UV-resistant paint for an added level of protection. It is also a good idea to purchase furniture that is made from pressure treated lumber to protect your furnishings from wood-boring insects.

·         Store it: If you will not be using your patio for a while consider storing smaller pieces away in your garage or storage shed. Consider storing larger pieces in a public storage facility in order to protect them.

Yes, by using these simple steps, you protect your outdoor furnishings and extend its life for years. Our outdoor patio covers are a way to add beauty and value to your patio and protect your furniture from the elements.

Outdoor Furniture Care Tips

As beautiful as these adornments can be to your patio, lawn or backyard, outdoor furniture takes quite a bit of punishment from elements such as sun, wind, rain, etc. It is also subject to normal wear and tear. This is why it is always a good idea to have a plan to protect your outdoor furnishings. So, as we slowly move through summer and people are gathering outdoors more often for parties and the like, we would like to suggest these tips to help you protect your outdoor furniture.

  • Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions: Not only will following the manufacture’s care instruction help you protect your furniture and extend its life, it will also help you to avoid voiding any warranty that came with it.
  • Choose your furniture wisely: Choose furniture made of materials that can withstand the sun’s UV rays and/or that can withstand the rain. Buy cushions that won’t easily fade in the direct sunlight.
  • Use awnings and patio covers: The sun causes even the highest quality outdoor furniture to fade over time. Solid patio covers and awnings can help protect your furniture from the damaging effects of the sun. Our patio covers in Roseville block the sun’s UV rays and add value and beauty to your home. Our lattice pergolas add a touch of elegance to your home as well.
  • Clean your furniture often: Sweep off chairs, sofa etc the moment debris begins to collect on them. Use a soft-bristle brush and warm water so as not to damage these items.outdoor furniture
  • Use gentle cleansers: Regardless of what material your furnishings are made from, use mild cleansers such as dishwashing liquid to clean them. You may also wish to invest in a lint-free cloth to wipe off upholstery. Chlorine bleach, pine oil, or abrasive cleansers, unless directed by the manufacturer, should never be used on your furniture.
  • Use material specific care: Different materials can require different handling. Wicker furniture, for example, should be cleaned periodically with mild soap and water in order to extend its life. Aluminum furnishings are more durable than wicker but can be damaged by abrasive cleansers.

Finally, mold, mildew and pests are also enemies of outdoor furnishings. The key is to maintain a regular cleaning schedule. You may also wish to establish care rules for guests and family members who will be using your furniture. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Summer Patio Must-Haves

One of the fun things about having a patio is deciding how to decorate it. Home and garden retailers know this which is why they present consumers with so many options for doing so. Retailers also know that people are now coming out of their dens, so to speak, and beginning to hold outdoor gatherings on their patios. But which items make a perfect outdoor oasis? Here are our top summer patio must-have items to take your summer to the next level.

  • Grill or Firepit: Summer and grilling are an inseparable combination. Every patio needs a grill for outdoor cooking whether for parties or for the family in general. Some people take grills even further by installing an outdoor firepit in their yard. The great thing about firepits is that they come in a variety of styles and prices.
  • Seating: Where are all your guests going to sit when they visit you during one of your awesome outdoor parties? It is essential to have good all-weather patio furniture that is easy to clean and above all else comfortable.
  • Outdoor sound system: What is a party without music? Even if you don’t plan to entertain much on your patio, a sound system can be an excellent addition. Some of our awnings come with built in speakers that can give you music on demand as you recline outdoors.
  • Lighting: Outdoor lights are great at increasing your sense of security and for creating ambiance. The other great thing about outdoor lights is that you can find them at most hardware or home improvement stores. They come in a variety of colors and configurations giving you the freedom to be creative.
  • Patio covers: Of course you’ll need protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays as well as from sudden summer storms. Our Duralum patio covers provide protection from both. Our patio covers in Roseville are functional, easy to maintain and highly durable. They allow you to continue entertaining during those sudden, pop-up summer storms. patio

There you have it. Those are just a few of the essentials you will need to get your summer off to the right start. Your patio can easily be the centerpiece of your home and a thing to envy among your neighbors and friends. Try one of our awnings or pergolas to further add to the beauty and splendor of your home this summer.

Ways to Keep Cool On Your Patio

Indoor air conditioning is great but sometimes you want to stay cool while you are outside relaxing on your patio. So, what are some ways you can cool off while relaxing outside under the warm summer sun with friends and family? We’ve got some simple ways you can keep you cool, even on summer’s hottest days.

  • Add a Pergola: Pergolas not only give much needed shade to your patio, they also add value to your home. Moreover, you can also hang potted plants from them to give your patio even more charm.
  • Install a patio privacy wall: Patio privacy walls are structures that can not only give your patio greater privacy as the name implies, they can also give you a wider area of shade while you are entertaining with family and friends. Moreover, you can have them custom designed to suit your taste.
  • Add a Patio Bar: If you are going to be doing any kind of entertaining on your patio this summer then a patio bar may be just what you need. For a relatively small cash outlay, you can add a little Tiki bar to your patio and a cooler. Here you can store cold, refreshing drinks for your guests while you lounge around in the shade provided by your custom patio awnings in Sacramento.
  • Lay off the alcohol: Alcohol is a vasodilator which means that it causes the blood vessels to widen. This causes your body to heat up and makes you more uncomfortable on hot summer days. Moreover, excessive alcohol consumption makes you have to urinate more often which leads to dehydration.patio bar
  • Change your lighting fixtures: Incandescent and halogen lights are huge heat emitters. They also eat up a ton of electricity. Try replacing the lighting on your patio with CFL or LED light which are economically sound, environmentally friendlier and produce less heat.
  • Dress for the heat: Wear lighter colors to reflect sunlight and breathable fabrics such as cotton, silk and linen. Finally, wear sleeveless tops or blouses to allow your body to cool itself naturally.

Last summer was very hot. Record highs were reached all around the country as most people’s discomfort level went through the roof. Try the techniques above and use patio covers in Roseville to make this summer more tolerable than last year’s.