5 Shade-Loving Plants That will Thrive Under your Awning

Most of us associate beautiful, blossoming plants with the bright, sunny parts of our lawn or patio. We mistakenly believe that in the shadier parts of the outdoors, we must forgo the beauty that these plants bring to our lives. Well, that’s simply not correct. The shaded area underneath your awning does not have to be barren. There are certain shade-loving plants that will flourish there and that hold as much beauty and splendor as the plant varieties that thirst for the sun’s direct rays. If want to add a little visual excitement to the space beneath your awning, we encourage you to give a couple of these plants a try.

  • Oak leaf Hydrangeas: These cone-shaped plants have lovely white blooms that turn to a pinkish hue in the fall. They come in a variety of sizes and can grow – in dense clusters – from a few feet tall to 7 or 8 feet tall. The best thing is that they are relatively sturdy and can tolerate moderate sunshine.
  • Begonias: This potted plant – which also thrives in the landscape – is relatively low-maintenance and comes in a variety of shades including rose, white, salmon, etc.
  • Impatiens: These pink blossomed flowers usually thrive better in pots than in the landscape. They are unusual in that not only can they bloom fully in the shade but they can also be slowly acclimated to thrive in strong sunlight.
  • Dead Nettles: The only drawback to these colorful perennials is that their roots tend to run wild and tangled throughout the soil. Thus, if you don’t want a plant that some consider mere groundcover, you may wish to choose another plant on our list.
  • Pulmonaria (Lungwort aka Mary’s tears or Our Lady’s milk drops): This lovely flower has beautiful silvery foliage with just a splash of pink or blue when they blossom. If you do choose to grow this plant, be sure to do so only in shady areas of your lawn or patio as they quickly wilt in direct sunlight.awning

Ferns, Spirea (Meadowsweets) and Torenia (Wishbone flower) are just a few other plants that are not only shade-tolerant, but they actually thrive in the darker regions of your lawn. Have some of these under your patio covers in Roseville and every part of your patio will thrive and be beautiful. Flowers are a lovely way to adorn our custom patio awnings in Sacramento.


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