5 Ideas for Designing the Perfect Outdoor Dining Space

Whether one chooses to do so at home or out on the town, alfresco dining is a wonderful way to enjoy meals and pleasant conversation under the stars or in the warmth of a lazy afternoon or morning. Moreover, one of our custom awning covers in Sacramento can add to the ambiance of such a scene while giving you the needed protection from the elements. Here are some ideas for helping you to create the perfect outdoor dining space.

  • Light her up: You’ll probably want to dine or hold gatherings that extend into the night. If this is the case, you will need adequate lighting to create a mood and in order to see what you are doing. Try stringing electric lights in trees and on other objects around your planned dining area. Caution: Be sure to use plenty of Citronella candles to cut down on biting insects. Finally, be sure to avoid creating a fire hazard with too many or improperly situated lights or candles.
  • Pergola garden: Create a dining area among fresh seasonal flowers, permanent trees and shrubs and edibles. A pergola will allow plenty of the sun’s light in so that your plants can thrive. Meanwhile, you will be able to dine in old warm charm.
  • Experiment with difference styles: What is your style choice for a dining area? Southwestern themed? Polynesian? Oriental? American Southern? Be creative with the space underneath your aluminum patio awnings in Sacramento by experimenting with styles and accessories. For example, with an oriental themed dining space you could hang sky lanterns (also known as Kongming lanterns).
  • Position your dining space near the kitchen: Either create a cooking area under your awning with a barbecue grill or locate your dining area near the kitchen. This will make it easier to transport dishes and food in and out of the house.outdoor dining

·         Create an outdoor bar: Instead of an entire dining area, consider placing an outdoor bar underneath your awning. The great thing about this idea is that a bar can be a very simple thing to create. All you really need are two square cabinets on casters so that the bar can be easily moved around. After that, you are ready to entertain.

Yes, creating an outdoor dining area is easy. Moreover, it can be used nearly all year round. Your dining area will be the talk of the neighborhood as others seek to create a similar experience on their own patio.


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