5 Ways to Protect Your Outdoor Furniture from Pets and Other Animals

Pets and other animals can wreak absolute havoc on outdoor furniture. Their teeth never seem to stop growing and they have no compunctions against making your chair, chaise, etc., a giant chew toy. However, instead of pulling your hair out over these behaviors, try some of these ways to humanely discourage pets and animals from ruining an otherwise idyllic outdoor setting.

  • Choose the right materials: Outdoor dining tables, chairs and benches made of aluminum are basically chew proof. Our aluminum awnings in Sacramento are sturdy and can withstand assault by the elements and animals. Moreover, our custom patio awnings in Sacramento come in a variety of sizes and styles. What’s more, aluminum won’t rust, lasts for years and comes in a number of decorative styles. Next, aluminum is relatively easy to clean. Finally, if pets and other animals do chew on your aluminum furniture, spray it with silicone or wax to protect from little teeth and claws.
  • Make a clean sweep: If you give your pet the run of your patio, be sure to clean up after it on a regular basis. Simply by switching out cushions, for example, you can prevent him/her from making it their favorite spot.
  • Set up a place for your pet: Again, if you do give your pets free reign of the patio, consider creating a cozy little spot just for it. Place a pet bed outside so that your pet will know this is its own little area. For cats, place a cat scratching post on the deck.
  • Use scent deterrents: For wild animals such as squirrels, consider placing strong-smelling items near cushions etc. Items you can use include vinegar, ammonia, lavender, mothballs or oil of mustard. Squirrels dislike strong smells, which can deter them from entering the area.pets on furniture
  • Trim nearby trees: Squirrels like to use trees as highways onto private property. Often, they will jump from a tree near a residence onto outdoor furnishings. From there the rest is not hard to figure out. Try trimming nearby trees to prevent squirrels from leaping onto your furniture.

Finally, if wild animals are chewing your outdoor furnishings you may have to hire an animal removal service. If your cat or dog is chewing your furniture you may wish to consider additional training as a way to stop him/her from ruining your furnishings.


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